Alcohol and other drugs

The alcohol and other drugs program helps to manage all kinds of addiction, including alcohol and drug use.

Who is it designed to help?

People who are interested in maintaining, or working towards, abstinence. It helps individuals who experience problems with misuse of alcohol, drugs (recreational or prescription), as well as other addictive behaviours.

How is it structured?

It uses group therapy in three stages:

  1. Support Therapy which is an opportunity to speak openly in a safe environment, to be supported by and be supportive of other group members
  2. Relaxation where a variety of relaxation techniques are taught and practiced
  3. A topic group where education and interactive group discussion takes place.
The program will help people to:
  • Assess and cope with high risk situations
  • Cope with cravings and urges
  • Increase self-awareness and insight
  • Make and maintain lifestyle changes
  • Prevent and manage relapse behaviour.
Access to addictions program:

To access our addictions program you are required to have current private health insurance and a GP referral letter.

Health providers can also refer via our eReferral portal or phoning The Sydney Clinic on 02 9389 8888 to speak with our admission staff.

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