Building resilience

This valuable program helps equip people with mood and addictive disorders to manage stress and anxiety in everyday situations by developing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills.

This is important because stress can precipitate relapse into symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as being a trigger for alcohol and substance abuse.

How is it structured?

This Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program helps with both mood and addictive disorders. It equips people to manage stress and anxiety symptoms by:

  • Adopting assertive communication skills
  • Enhancing life management skills
  • Increasing awareness of unhelpful thinking patterns, and learning techniques to challenge them
  • Identifying strengths
  • Learning skills to improve sleep
  • Learning ways to combat worry
  • Learning ways to address perfectionism
  • Managing physical symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Relapse prevention.

Access to services

To obtain an admission into The Sydney Clinic's 'Building resilience program' current private Health insurance and a GP referral letter is required.
Any health provider can refer via our eReferral portal or calling hospital on 02 9389 8888 to speak with our admission staff.

Our Assistance

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