Visitor information

Last updated 8 August, 2022

As COVID case numbers again rise across the State, we would ask the community to help protect our patients and staff. While we are welcoming of visitors, we would ask that you:

  • Consider if your visit to the hospital is essential at this time.
  • Be fully vaccinated, and consider performing a RAT on the day of your visit.
  • Wear a mask at all times whilst in the hospital.
  • Maintain social distancing and practice hand hygiene.
  • Please do not visit if you:
    • Are feeling unwell
    • Are a close contact of someone who is ill.
  • All visits should take place in the patient dining area and courtyard. No visitors are to go to the units unless agreed with the Nurse Unit Managers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your support and care will greatly help your loved one recovery during their hospital stay.

People with mental illness need the same understanding and support given to people with a physical illness.

It is rarely possible for someone with a mental illness to make the symptoms go away just by strength of will.

A mental illness is not an illness for which anyone should be blamed or for them to feel guilty for having.

Your loved one may have a lot on their mind when you visit them, and may have a lot to say about the work they are doing in the hospital, it is most helpful if you listen to them and support them in their recovery.

Sometimes your loved one would prefer to communicate with you about everyday things, as a distraction from the therapy and healing they are doing every day while in the hospital.

You can help by being sensitive to their needs and respectful if they do or don’t wish to talk about their recovery.

At times, having to deal with pressures at home or in business, as well as focussing on their recovery can be overwhelming,you can help by avoiding putting any expectations about what they should be doing while they are in the hospital.


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Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing

National Health and Medical Research Council

Mental Health fact sheets can be accessed at:

The Black Dog Institute

Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing

Mental Health Association NSW

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